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Welcome to 2021

God's Chosen People have been given a promise and a command to launch forward. They crossed the Red Sea and the enemies of their past have been drowned. They have endured a hard season as a time of purifying and purging themselves for their future via the wilderness and now they are on the verge of moving into their "next". They've transitioned from old leadership and embracing a new leader and a new move of God and are standing on the edge of the Jordan River. Then, in Joshua 3:3-4, they are told to go after the presence of God. When He moves, we move... when He rests, we rest. The only precaution given was not to get too close, too comfortable, too familiar, or to get ahead of God. Any such action would prove detrimental because THEY HAVE NEVER BEEN THIS WAY BEFORE.

We are living in unprecedented times! We're experiencing situations and circumstances that have been unseen in our generation. Now, more than ever before, we need to be sensitive towards the moving of His Spirit. We need to be diligent to hear clearly and then to do all that He commands us to do. Though there are large challenges ahead and there are many unknowns in our path, we are assured VICTORY if we do our part properly. We want to let you know that God has given us this year... the land... and all that is within it! Fear not, be brave, strong, and courageous! If He did it before... He will do it again! God is about to Reposition and Restore us in 2021!

Even though we've got another river to cross - and it seems like we're approaching a fortified, walled-in system and territory, we shall advance and do it right swiftly! Welcome to 2021... the year of Repositioning and Restoration... the year is yours for the taking!!!

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