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Overcomers Movement

Welcome to Overcomers Movement, the global hub that connects Overcomers who are serving Jesus Christ in ministry and in the marketplace. We provide covering, training, partnership, and relevant teaching and training to equip everyone to be effective in their unique assignments on the earth.

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Our Leaders

Apostle Christian T. Howell Sr. is an influential leader who serves with excellence and integrity. Apostle Chris, is a dynamic teacher, Maxwell leadership certified team member, board-certified advanced life coach, master mental health coach, and a father in ministry. He has the capacity to teach Kingdom principles with simplicity, power, and results. Apostle Howell, a native of Georgia, has served in almost every capacity in the church - but more than anything, is a servant and worshiper. He draws from his life experiences, sharpened skills, and prophetic insight to help heal the bound and broken-hearted from all walks of life. He has touched the lives of many around the globe through various ministry engagements, humanitarian projects, and community service initiatives. Having traveled around the U.S. and internationally, he looks to carry the Gospel of the Kingdom to the entire world. 


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Our Vision

Our Vision is to plainly reach the lost and teach the found… to teach the Word of God with simplicity and understanding so that we can transform brothers & sisters of all nationalities and denominations into Kingdom Citizens, who in turn will carry the ministry of this church into the entire world.


Our Purpose is to minister to the spiritual, intellectual, physical, and emotional needs of all people - improving the quality of life experienced here on earth while promoting and maintaining a "spirit of excellence" in fulfilling God's purpose.


We believe that the strength of any ministry is in being local while having a worldwide vision.

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