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Deliverance & Counseling Services

Deliverance and Counseling Sessions


$30.00 Per Person for 45 Minute Detailed Session

Appointments are set up after we receive payment and you fill out the booking form on the site.

Sessions can be done via Phone, Zoom, Google Duo, Facetime, Facebook Messenger, or Skype.

We have requirements because of the time and how detailed I am when ministering personal deliverance and counseling to people.

Deliverance Sessions are not just a call, they are mainly a ministry.



Although we are trained and certified, we are a Christian biblically based ministry and do not advise or prescribe medical or psychological diagnosis for our clients. Also, we do not advise our clients to discontinue their medicine or other counseling and professional services they are receiving.

We reserve the right to refund fees and not counsel anyone we feel is out of our field of training or ministry.

Go to the "Book Online" Tab above to schedule a session.

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