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Conversations with Chris: Taking Action, Despite Your Fears

Conversations with Chris: Taking Action in the Face of Your Fears

It’s one of the most straightforward self-improvement tips to find, as nearly every book, coach, course, and program has a section on fear. Fear is the bane of self-improvement, and it’s stopped more great people from achieving some amazing dreams than you could ever count. But what if you aren’t like the rest? What if, instead of hiding from your duties in the face of fear, you instead go in anyway and start making changes to your life?

There’s a lot of power there, and you start to notice that that power eats away at the fear until you see there was nothing to be afraid of at all. There are millions of articles that talk about fear, but why do we act in the face of it?

Why Do We Overcome Fear?

Fear is meant to keep us safe, and while it did its job back in the days of cavemen and dinosaurs, there’s not a lot to keep us safe from now. Still, the ‘flight or fight’ response is ingrained in us from birth, and we still feel fear in many different forms today. While it is straightforward to give in to fear, some people choose to overcome it.

But why? Why go against our own brain and go into a situation that could be dangerous? (even though it very often isn’t dangerous to us). For those people, it is because other emotions trump fear. Love might make you ask a cute girl on a date even though you are scared of rejection. Anger might make you take on a dare even though you are afraid, and desire might make you jump off a diving board even though you hate water.

There’s that moment where you have that choice of backing off or going all-in with something, and that moment, that snap in the brain, is where you choose what to do. It’s the ‘screw it; I’m going in’ moment where you just shut off the fear and act anyway.

The Power Of Action

Whenever you choose to act despite your fears, you will notice that your fear turns from a blocker into a source of fuel. It is because you are so nervous that you are able to take that first step into a larger world. Action gives you power, especially whenever you start to push back against the fear and realize that there was nothing there to be afraid of at all. That’s a really awesome power boost!

Action is the anthesis of fear, and it’s the thing that all fear is afraid of. If you take action, dive headfirst into that ‘screw it, I’m going in’ moment, and run headlong into your fear the body will adapt to it. Then all your fear becomes power as you complete the task that you are afraid of.

Plus, that power doesn’t go away. Instead, it is turned into emotions like pride and happiness in yourself because you faced your fear and got stronger as a result. Now, the next time you face your fear and do the action again, you will be less afraid. Eventually, you’ll wonder why you were ever scared to begin with.

The Only Way To Remove Fear Is To Act

You can worry about results and what could happen until the cows come home, but the only way to make sure you are getting rid of fear is to act despite it. Throw defiance back into its face and take control of your own life, and you’ll see that no matter what you are scared of, it can’t stand up to the actions that you take.

You don’t have to delve all in or take on all your fears at once. You can take baby steps, handle each fear one at a time, and even back off or take a break if you feel things are moving too fast. Still, as you face your fears with these baby steps, you will start to feel the power of acting despite your fears. After a while, all that power will be yours to command, and you will wonder what you were so scared of in the first place!

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