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Overcomers Institute




Welcome to the Overcomers Institute. I believe that your arriving here is by no means an accident. These days,  there’s no shortage of souls crying out for healing and direction. Thankfully,  we see people answering the call to become bible-based therapists for the wounded.


Overcomers Institute offers in-person, online training, and certificate programs in religious studies, leadership development, and coaching/therapy.


Our mission is to “Educate, Train and Equip Overcomers for Christ” and to put into practice, through the course content and guidance of knowledgeable instructors in our courses of study.


If you are looking to attend an affordable, flexible, and relevant place to learn, Overcomers Institute is the place for you! We encourage you to explore all of our training and certificate programs that we offer and then begin the admission process today!


Visit for more information or to register.



Christian Tyler Howell Sr.


Christian T. Howell Sr.

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