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Cultivating an Abundance Mindset

  • 4Weeks
  • 16Steps


If you have thoughts, ideas, and opinions that impact your life negatively, stopping you from enjoying the success you deserve personally and professionally, it’s important to identify them and rewrite them. A limiting belief is unconscious, subconscious, or even in some cases if it’s something you learned from your childhood or education, conscious ideas or philosophies borne from disinformation, well-meaning parental lessons, or even subjective experiences that hold you back from experiencing and enjoying a successful, well-rounded life. These limiting belief systems prevent you from going after your goals in all areas of your life because you don’t believe you can succeed. It’s hard to make good choices when basing decisions on false ideas that encompass most limiting beliefs. Your limiting beliefs can prevent you from experiencing any success and happiness. No matter how successful you look on paper, you will not even recognize success if you have these types of beliefs. This is because your beliefs make up your mindset which affects your idea of reality.

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